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What Makes Us the SMART Choice?

At SmartPayroll Solutions, we work as trusted partners and NOT just payroll providers for our clients. As your partner, our commitment is to foster business growth by providing business services to improve efficiency and increase profit. 

What differentiates us is our Consultative-Boutique-Transparent (CBT) model, where we take time to understand our client’s business structure. We understand that one size DOES NOT fit all businesses, and each business is unique. Although we provide a few standard packages on our Pricing and Features page, we are well known for providing customized solutions that best fit a client’s needs. After our initial consultation, we recommend only those services that are needed for the business at the time. This customization helps clients bring efficiency into their operations and reduce overall administrative costs by up to 35%.

Upon sign-up, from initial setup to adding history data, we handle all of it on behalf of our clients. We believe in HANDHOLDING our clients to ensure a smooth transition. 

Once setup is complete, training is of utmost importance! We work closely with each client to make sure they know how to use our system to get accurate payroll runs. 

Finally, we take time to review payroll reports with our clients for a thorough understanding and use of our reports by the client’s CPA, brokers, and bookkeepers. 

You can get more details on our onboarding process here.

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Examples of Custom Payroll Solutions

Payroll and Timekeeping Efficiency

Reduce Cost and Human Errors

A client has 35 employees, and they use a time clock to track hours. On payroll day, the manager pulls the report and prints the document from the time clock system, ensures it is correct/makes adjustments on paper, then enters the hours in the payroll system to process it.

One might think that’s a standard process and miss the inefficiency or high cost associated with it, but here are some concerns:

Issue 1: Time taken by the manager to pull data manually from one system, manually review and post it to the payroll system

Issue 2: Human errors that occur when entering hours manually in the system

Issue 3: If the manager is paid an hourly rate, the number of hours spent on this process is at least 2-3 hours every week or two weeks (depending on pay frequency).

How do we help? With our easy timekeeping system that integrates with payroll.

  1. The manager reviews employee hours with a click of a button and reduces the hours spent to retrieve and review payroll data. 
  2. He/she edits hours within the system if needed, reducing manual data entry errors.
  3. The time taken to process payroll from end-to-end by the manager is not more than 20-30 minutes, saving 2 to 2.5 hours, for the manager to complete other essential tasks.  We just reduced payroll processing time by up to 83%. 

Improve Efficiency

A client owns a growing company and hires 5-10 employees in a couple of weeks. The office manager provides the new hires with paperwork for their completion, via email or hardcopy. When the new hires return that paperwork, the office manager files hard copies in a cabinet and stores the same forms online. The office manager then submits paperwork for E-verify and enters the new hires into the payroll system and time clock system. 

This process might seem reasonable but it is actually very inefficient! 

We offer an onboarding system for fast-growing businesses to handle it more efficiently:

  1. Our onboarding platform, within the payroll system, allows an office manager to enter the new hire’s email address. This entry initiates the onboarding process with the new hire and streamlines communication between the new hire and the office manager. 
  2. The new hire completes the paperwork online within our platform. Once it is complete, the system notifies the office manager, and they can view and store all the paperwork on our cloud-based server.
  3. Our team takes the task of completing new hire reporting and  E-verify for the client and hence improves efficiency.

This is how easy it is with us!

Meet Our Team

As your partner, we are here to support you! Let us help you perform at your best by increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Shruti Dhawan, SmartPayroll Solutions Owner

Shruti Dhawan

Founder and CEO

​Shruti, a Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) offers her expertise in complex and challenging client structures. She holds a  Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.), in Management and Bachelors in Business Administration with a specialization in Business Process Management and Computer Information Systems from Kelley School of Business, Indiana University.

She is very passionate about working with business owners and educating them on the different payroll tax laws that help businesses stay in compliance with the IRS and other government agencies. Her consultation is always focused on helping them streamline their business and processes.

With a desire to give back to her community, and a passion for education, Shruti works closely with voluntary organizations such as SCORE and hosts multiple workshops during the year to cover topics ranging from payroll to Human Resources. She also plays an advisory role to many CPAs on payroll related topics. Connect with Shruti on LinkedIn to learn more.

Shruti is married to Dr. Saurabh Dhawan, an Invasive Cardiologist practicing in NorthEast  Georgia. They have two beautiful children. Her son is thriving at Westminster, while her daughter is blossoming at Woodward Academy. During her time off, she loves spending time with her family and traveling to new places.

Tammi - Payroll Account Manager

Tammi Vicknair

Account Manager

Having over seven years of experience in customer service and payroll, Tammi is already quite an asset to our team. She studied business management and has a Yellow Belt in Six Sigma. Thanks to her top-notch problem-solving skills and business acumen, she understands our client’s needs. Her passion for providing superior customer service makes her the perfect fit as an account manager at SmartPayroll Solutions.

In her spare time, Tammi heads for the great outdoors. She enjoys kayaking on sunny days and spending time with her grandchildren.

Maria Cabrera

Account Manager

Maria, Account Manager, brings over four years of experience in customer service and over two years in payroll. She is a very hard-working professional and her passion for technology and accounting makes her eager to provide clients with excellent customer service experience.

Maria is a graduate of the Gwinnett School of Math, Science, and Technology with an interest in accounting.

Rob Kemmerer

Sales Manager

Rob has over 25 years of experience in the payroll industry. He brings a wide range of expertise to the table and believes strongly in exceptional one-to-one customer service. Rob’s complete understanding of today’s payroll technology combined with top-notch people skills helps our clients connect with tools and technology that fit their business.

In his spare time, Rob enjoys relaxing with a good cigar.

Denise Mistich

Marketing Director

Denise has over 24 years of experience in business administration and production management, including 14 years of experience in communications, web design, and other digital marketing services. She has been an integral part of the company since its inception and continues to provide exceptional service in the realm of marketing, SEO, blog, website maintenance, and much more. 

She loves animals and enjoys micro-farming. She is also very involved in her community and works with people in recovery from alcohol and drugs. She enjoys her free time watching and playing with her granddaughter. 

You can connect with Denise on LinkedIn.

Caring For Our Environment

SmartPayroll Solutions makes choices that benefit their community and environment. We can help you make the switch from cumbersome stacks of paper to an efficient, electronic system with an easily accessible audit trail.

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Nominated for Pinnacle Award in 2016.
Selected as Finalist for Pinnacle Award in 2018.

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