According to a recent survey conducted by a major payroll provider, 73% of full-time U.S. workers expect employee self-service tools. They want to be able to complete a variety of HR and payroll related tasks independently. And 80% prefer an online portal for performing these tasks.

The top five tasks workers would rather do independently versus contact HR are as follows:

  1. Update personal information
  2. Manage paid time off (PTO)
  3. Download/view payroll information
  4. Report time worked or clock in/clock out
  5. View their work schedule

This shift is due to technology now utilized in managing every-day lives such as paying bills, filing taxes and communicating with friends and family. Society has simply become technology dependent.

A separate poll of business owners found that 53% of employers with fewer than 500 employees do not currently offer their workforce any level of employee self-service. Given that small businesses would benefit the most by allowing employees to perform these tasks on their own, this statistic was a surprise.

We understand that the cost of providing self-service tools is most likely a factor and SmartPayroll Solutions can help. Our Advanced Employee Access provides employees with an online portal to update their personal information, view schedules, request time off and much, much more. It also provides employers with a tool to engage and communicate with their employees in real time. Employees and employers can access the portal anytime, anywhere and from any device.

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Resources: Data was first published by CPA Practice Advisor, June 1, 2018

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