In our last few posts, we shared cold hard facts about potential risks and problems caused by inaccurate employee time tracking. Quite frankly, we presented quite a case. Now, we want you to be assured that we offer the best solution on the market today!

Benefits for You:

One Solution:

Time Keeping
Employee Scheduling
Overtime Management
Payroll Integration

Save Time and Money!

This feature-rich technology is a win-win solution for streamlining administrative tasks and reducing expensive errors.

Improve Employee Satisfaction!

Your employees can clock in and out, see their work schedules, and request time off with one easy tool. View a demo!

How We Make it Happen:

✔ Simplify Employee Scheduling – Build and maintain schedules in less time than your best employee spends on break.
✔ Fewer Errors – Intelligent clocks auto-calculate eliminating duplicate or missed punches, and errors computing total hours and pay.
✔ Less Unplanned Overtime –  Eliminate unplanned overtime and compare budgeted hours to actual worked.
✔ Flexible Configuration – Customized pay rules, clock-prompts and shift differentials, overtime calculations, compliance requirements, and accrual application. Wide range of physical and online clock options.
✔ Clock Lockout – Limit early clock in, scheduling warns when overtime approaches, managers easily view time cards in real-time.
✔ Transfer Departments with Job Costing – Makes it easier to pay multi-tasking employees accurately.
✔ Faster Payroll Processing – Fewer payroll errors, instant access for time card review and export to payroll reduces time spent processing payroll