✔ Efficiency – How well does it integrate with other aspects of your business, such as onboarding, employee scheduling, production management, accruals, and payroll processing?
✔ Accuracy – Are there checks and balances in place to prevent costly errors?
✔ Accountability – Does it encourage integrity, even for off-site employees?
✔ Ease of Use – Is it user-friendly for employees, supervisors and administrative staff?
✔ Environmentally Friendly – Does it reduce or eliminate the use of paper and printing?
✔ Employee Retention – Does it help engage employees and reduce headaches for management?
✔ Security – Is your employee data stored in a secure manner?

Last but certainly not least:
✔ Will the system work for me, or will I work for the system?

That’s a lot to consider, but if you will use this checklist, the system you choose will increase efficiency, help ensure compliance and reduce headaches.