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Payroll Solutions in Atlanta, GA

Increase Your Revenue. Retain Your Clients. Differentiate.

If you don’t act now, you may lose your clients due to Healthcare Reform, VC funded tech insurance agencies, or payroll giants! Partner with SmartPayroll Solutions and FIGHT BACK.

Request your free consultation today! There’s no obligation and we will NEVER sell your contact information.

    A Winning Strategy For Business Growth

    A winning strategy is all about data! And successful insurance agencies know how to use payroll data to understand their clients’ needs and be proactive in meeting those needs. A strategic partnership with  SmartPayroll Solutions can place that important data in your hands.

    • Leverage Payroll Data to Sell More

      Knowledge IS power when it comes to beating your competition.

    • Improved Customer Service

      ​If you don’t make benefits management easier, your competition will.

    • Differentiate

      Compete with the giants by offering our payroll, HR, and more. Our 5-star rated services will back you all the way.

    Partnership For Success

    • Become a one-stop shop with benefits, payroll, timekeeping, and more.

    • We do not sell insurance and will NOT compete with you.

    • Our payroll technology is best-in-class.

    • Our HR and compliance solutions will keep your clients out of trouble.

    • Our robust software is agent-friendly.

    • Employees can utilize self-onboarding and employee portal.

    • Multiple partnership options are available.

    • You and your clients get world-class support.

    Partnership Opportunities

    Keep your brand in front of your clients, powered by SmartPayroll Solutions. We will work behind the scenes.
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    Put your brand on our technology and service. You'll be the hero while we do the heavy lifting.
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    Refer clients to us and we'll pay you a finding fee.
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    Customize It!
    Let's talk about your goals for growing your agency and design a partnership that fits.
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    Growth Opportunities for Your Clients

    Your clients can take advantage of our hard work! We researched, tested, and kicked the tires on a variety of business tools and services. Now, we can offer the BEST technology combined with our old-fashioned customer service.

    From the most basic payroll needs to premium services, including live HR support, we’ve got the tools necessary to improve efficiency, stay compliant, and improve that bottom line.

    Think of it this way. When your clients are growing, your business is growing. It’s a win-win.

    Green Payroll Solution

    Efficient, GREEN Solutions


    COVID-19 Financial and Compliance Support


    Hiring Solutions


    Complete Payroll Solutions


    Employee Retention


    Compliance Tools and Services


    Time and Attendance


    Exceptional Customer Service

    What Makes Us Different?

    Every client and every transaction matters at SmartPayroll Solutions. And it shows.

    Our Clients Love Us!

    I have used SmartPayroll Solutions for my own needs as well as the needs of my clients. I refer all business clients to SPS. Never disappoints! ~Mandy, CPA
    I have had the opportunity to work with Shruti for the past two years. There is no one in the business that is more knowledgeable and cares about her clients more ~Chuck, Loan Officer

    It’s A Network that Actually Works!

    We built SmartPayroll Solutions into a successful business by providing exceptional service. And we earned a 100% customer satisfaction rating while doing it.

    Now you can put our 5-star rated services to work for your clients and grow your business as well!

    We’ll handle payroll for your clients from start to finish.  And you can count on us to be an extension of your business, offering accurate, efficient service.

    We believe in transparency, which means there will be no secrets and no surprises. Your clients will have all the knowledge they need when they need it.

    Want more? We can help your clients run their business like a pro with our full suite of tools and services.

    Trusted Solutions With Proven Results.

    Our 100% customer satisfaction rate proves SmartPayroll Solutions is a good fit for your clients. And our guaranteed accuracy and timeliness mean you can trust us to get the job done right.