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SmartPayroll Solutions-HCM Wins The Consumer Choice Award 2024!

Exciting news for SmartPayroll Solutions-HCM!

We are proud to announce that we are winners of the Consumer Choice Award for 2024 in the payroll service category in Atlanta, Georgia. We are thrilled, honored, humbled, and grateful all at the same time.

Being the winner in the payroll services category in Atlanta tells me our clients see and appreciate our dedication to every account, no matter how big or small their business may be. Our personal, consultative approach goes a long way in building relationships with each employer we serve.

We worked hard for this, and that work has paid off in many ways. SPS has contributed to the growth of our clients, developed a network of successful B2Bs, and expanded operations to include a full suite of human capital management tools and services. Now, we proudly wear the Consumer Choice Award Badge of Honor.

As Founder and CEO, I would like to thank my entire team. This reward is for you, and I genuinely appreciate your hard work and dedication.

And to our clients, thank you as well! You are the motivation behind our efforts, and together, we are doing business better every day.

SmartPayroll Solutions - HCM Founder and CEO

Shruti Dhawan, Founder And CEO


How Are Consumer Choice Award Winners Selected?

The CCA winner is chosen using actual consumer data, not a panel of judges. CCA uses a cutting-edge selection process to identify the most exceptional companies throughout North America. Advanced Symbolics International (ASI), a top AI-driven market research firm, gathers unbiased consumer opinions from various online and social media sources. This dynamic approach produces sophisticated, consumer-driven results, ensuring that only the best companies receive this award.

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