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Save time and money by streamlining payroll, HR, and timekeeping with our small business services.

    Some of Our Most Popular Small Business Services Are:

    Essential Payroll

    Leave payroll and payroll taxes to us and go grow your business.

    Time and Attendance System

    EASY, Efficient Time Keeping

    Get rid of those messy timesheets and go from timeclock to payroll with ease. GPS included!

    HR and Compliance Tools

    Human Resources Support

    Hire, train, and manage a winning team with online and live HR support. COVID-19 support is included.

    Life is Easier with Our Small Business Services

    The right business services will make your job easier and help your business succeed. The wrong tools and services will add to your administrative burden and waste your hard-earned money. SmartPayroll Solutions, near Atlanta, GA, has the right tools and services. It’s that simple.

    If you’re not sure we can help you, read what our customers have to say!

    Small Business Services

    How Do We Do It?

    We are a leader in providing scalable, affordable small business services that go beyond payroll processing.  We get to know our clients, then we recommend the solutions that fit your business and that will help you:

    • Become more efficient
    • Streamline administrative tasks
    • Get compliant with rules and regulations
    • Improve employee relations
    • Recruit, retain and manage a productive workforce
    • Reduce taxes

    Who Are Our Clients?

    All types of small businesses are using our services, such as medical practices, legal practices, restaurants, automotive repair shops, small manufacturers, marketing companies, and more.

    And we partner with CPAs, insurance agencies, banks, and other B2Bs to help them better serve their clients.

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    • Transition is easy!

      Relax! We will walk you through the process to help ensure a smooth transition.

    • You'll always be informed.

      We provide online reports for you and your CPA/Accountant.

    • Get going!

      With our online tools and mobile apps, you can get out from behind that desk!