Professional Employer Organization (PEO) for Small Businesses

One Source for Business Management

Would you like to streamline people management, lower taxes, improve employee benefits, and more…without expensive PEO fees?

    PEO Services Without the Membership Fees

    At SmartPayroll Solutions, we provide small businesses in Georgia and the entire Southeastern Region, the professional business services they need to run their small to mid-sized businesses. And we do it without charging expensive PEO membership fees.

    • Become more efficient
    • Streamline administrative tasks
    • Get compliant with rules and regulations
    • Improve employee relations
    • Recruit, retain, and manage a productive workforce
    • Reduce taxes
    • Manage employee benefits

    Who Are Our Clients?

    We serve all types of small businesses including manufacturers, restaurants, medical practices, legal practices, construction companies, hotels, automotive repair shops, marketing companies and more. And we partner with CPAs, insurance agencies, banks and other B2Bs to help them better serve their clients.

    Some of Our Most Popular Small Business Services Are:

    2018 Business Growth and Hiring

    Human Resources Support

    Recruit, train, retain and manage a productive workforce with live HR support and online tools.

    Human Resources -HR- Atlanta, Georgia

    Payroll from Start to Finish

    Efficient, green payroll services that will get you out from behind the desk.

    Small Business Tax Credits

    Tax Credit Review

    Get a free review and learn how you can save money on federal, state and local taxes.

    Why Choose Us for Your Small Business Needs?

    It Makes Sense – Our office is conveniently located close to Atlanta and our support team is local. Our small business specialists are highly trained in federal and state rules and regulations. Our payroll software has over 25 years of experience and a team of payroll professionals behind it. AND we provide on-site training at your place of business if needed.

    We Are Affordable – There are many companies serving Atlanta with small business tools and services, but you owe it to yourself to compare pricing and services. Before you choose, contact us for your free consultation and learn more about our affordable suite of tools and one-to-one customer service.

    We are Online and Mobile –  Our secure, online technology is perfect for small business owners. You can view and manage your payroll from anywhere at any time, access live and online HR support, manage employee PTO and scheduling and so much more from any WIFI enabled device,

    We Offer Scalable Technology –  The SmartPayroll Solutions small business management technology is flexible and scalable. We can help you choose from a variety of tools and services, and build a system that fits your business.

    You Will Enjoy Increased Efficiency – In addition to streamlining your payroll process from start to finish, our team can help you become more efficient in other areas of your business. For example, our payroll system integrates easily with QuickBooks and Future POS. We also offer affordable tools to help you recruit, hire, train, manage and retain your valuable employees.  Our online timekeeping system will even eliminate messy timesheets and redundant payroll data entry while reducing the margin for expensive payroll errors. And that also means money in the bank!

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