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Our cloud-based, feature-rich payroll software makes it easy to run payroll from anywhere at any time.

And our personalized service and proven results make us the smart choice for any business.

Payroll Services - Employee Apps

Technology That Grows With Your Business

Customized Payroll Services

The SmartPayroll Solutions – HCM payroll software scales for any size employer, delivering features to streamline workflow while increasing efficiency, revenue, and profitability.

Our system provides role-based security, allowing you to grant different access levels to your employees. Simply expand or scale back functionality to meet the unique needs of each user.

Payroll Software Features

Our easy-to-use, anytime, from any-device payroll solutions are one and done. With features like real-time pre-processing and processing, once an employer completes their payroll, the checks and reports are ready. It’s that simple. And our integrations eliminate time-consuming importing and exporting files. No syncing – no hassle.

  • Real-time payroll processing
  • Preview results to reduce errors
  • Payroll tax compliance included
  • Custom access by user
  • Easy employee onboarding and editing
  • Unlimited earning and deductions codes
  • Perfect for restaurants and tipped employees
  • Print checks and reports locally, or use our payroll delivery system
  • Integrated with Time and Attendance, accounting software, and more
  • Check calculator, gross-to-net or net-to-gross
  • Provide employees online access to their paychecks, W2s and 1099s via Employee Self Service
  • State-of-the-art security to ensure the highest-level of protection
  • Backed by local, professional account managers
Payroll Services

Guaranteed Accuracy and Always On Time

Payroll Taxes and Tax Compliance

Paying your employees properly is only the beginning when it comes to running payroll, and we’ve got you covered from start to finish. 

Payroll taxes and tax compliance are included, and we keep up with the changes in complicated rules and regulations for you.

The Consultative, Boutique, Transparency Model

Payroll Services By Real People for Real People

Our professional account managers go beyond the call to make sure your team is taken care of.

  • Taking care of your people is our priority.
  • We know payroll and do it right!
  • You’ll have easy access to local support.
Payroll Platform

Revolutionized Payroll Reporting

24 Hour Access - Real Time Reporting

With our online payroll software, employers have easy and convenient access to payroll reports each pay period. And the Report Wizard and Quick Reports Tools provide numerous reports using historical data.

Reports can be downloaded in PDF, Excel, Word, CSV, or TXT formats for easy analysis and storage. SmartPayroll Solutions – HCM also allows custom reports.

Experience It For Yourself

We are confident that our payroll and human capital management system can streamline processes and automate your business, but you need to see it for yourself. We’ll gladly demonstrate the power behind our technology and the knowledge of our highly-trained account managers.

Payroll Services Atlanta, GA

Frequently Asked Questions About Payroll Services

How Do I Find The Best Payroll Services Near Me?

Choosing the right payroll services for your business is important. A good payroll platform should be easy to use, cost-effective, and provide trustworthy payroll services that fit your business needs. It’s important to consider the size of your business, your budget, the complexity of the payroll services you need, and the level of customer service you require. 

When researching payroll companies, look for experience and a good reputation. Read reviews and testimonials from other business owners to get a sense of their reliability and level of customer satisfaction. In addition, compare pricing and fee structures, as this can vary significantly between payroll providers. When comparing services, carefully review the level of customer service provided. Look for a personal account manager to help you run your payroll accurately and offer advice to help grow your team and your business.

Other factors to consider include the level of security and compliance the payroll company offers, as well as the suite of services they provide. Consider whether you need only payroll software or payroll services, or if you require additional HR support, bookkeeping, tax compliance, or benefits management

Ultimately, the right payroll company will help you save time and money while ensuring that your employees are paid accurately and on time.

The biggest difference between SmartPayroll Solutions – HCM and other payroll companies is our Consultative – Boutique – Transparency (CBT) model. CBT means we go far beyond selling subscriptions to our payroll software. We work with our clients to ensure they are getting the ROI they deserve by streamlining their administrative processes correctly within our system, using the tools they need, and skipping the ones they don’t. 

  • We assign a professional Payroll Account Manager to every client, no matter how big or small their business may be. 
  • We are located near Atlanta, GA.
  • We have a 5-star rating on Google!
  • You and your CPA can have access to real-time data at any time from any device.
  • And our scalable payroll software platform and integrated systems allow room for small businesses to grow.

We offer a full suite of HCM tools and services, including payroll and payroll taxes. You can view our list of payroll and HCM features here.

Yes, we can process payroll for employees and contractors making it easier for you to manage your entire team. 

We can handle all payroll tax filings on a federal, state level.

Our tax professionals research and maintain state and federal tax rates, tax brackets and statutory limits so you can concentrate on growing and running your payroll business. 

Yes, reporting is included with our payroll tax services. Plus you and your CPA have online access to your data whenever you need it.

Our payroll system integrates easily with QuickBooks, Time and Attendance, Employee Benefits Management, and more. You can streamline administrative processes and improve accuracy as your data goes where you need it to go automatically.

Customized, Scalable HRIS Software 

Dedicated Account Manager – No matter how small or big you are!

No hidden fees.

Easy and Scalable platform.

With us you can Hire to Retire!

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