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You've searched and you've found the right employee. Now set them up for success by starting them off on the right foot!
Hiring and Recruiting Tips from SmartPayroll Solutions

In addition to providing the most reliable and efficient payroll services, SmartPayroll Solutions offers tips, tools and services to help businesses grow. Because growth usually means hiring new employees, which is a real challenge these days, we have been sharing tips on recruiting, hiring and retaining good talent.

The first article, How to Hire Good Employees, shares valuable tips on hiring right the first time. The second article, Starting New Employees Off on the Right Foot is below. We finished off this series with tips on retaining those hard-working employees once you’ve invested in them.

You’ve Searched.
And You’ve Found the Right Employee.

Now set them up for success by starting them off on the right foot!
  • Make your offer: Prepare a new hire packet including your job description, a well-written employee handbook, and all required new hire forms. These state-specific resources can help you with reporting requirements. Write a compelling job offer, carefully and accurately describing all benefits and pay. Have a professional help with this. Getting this wrong could get you into trouble down the road.
  • Keep adequate records: Make sure your new employee has read and signed your employee handbook, job offer, and letter of agreement, and store that information securely. NOTE: If you’re using our Onboarding module, this part is EASY.
  • Reduce stress: Make time for the new hire. Meet with them yourself if possible on day one. Then, make sure you assign a co-worker or manager to show them the ropes.
  • Set expectations: Make sure your new hire understands exactly what you expect of them, or don’t expect anything.
  • Train them properly: Provide adequate training and evaluate progress regularly. Training should include all technical aspects and safety training, and possibly collaborative teamwork skills.

Do You Need Help With Hiring and Recruiting?

If you are subscribed to our HR services, you already have access to online tools and services that can help you throughout the entire hiring process. This includes a customizable Learning Management System (LMS) with online training courses to help you manage and help them succeed!  If you are not subscribed, and would like to learn more, contact us today!

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