Recruited a New Hire? Now what?

You’ve recruited just the right new hire for the job, they are scheduled to report to work on Monday, and now…you’ve got to decide what is next. If you are like most small business owners, Mondays are hectic and you already have too much to do. Let us help!  The following new hire checklist will help you get the onboarding done right AND make your new employee feel welcome.

New Hire Checklist

  • Develop a new hire “welcome packet” and/or employee handbook
  • Schedule new hire orientation
  • Prepare the required new hire documents and forms
  • Create personal and confidential file folders
  • Submit new hire paperwork to various government offices as needed and update human resource information system if applicable
  • Provide payroll with a copy of the employee’s Form W-4, direct deposit information (if applicable), and other necessary information
  • Provide new employee with “welcome package,” schedule first day lunch with manager or co-workers, and assign an onboarding “buddy” to help the new employee get acquainted with the company
  • Conduct new hire orientation and additional training as required

Want More than a Checklist?

Yes, it can be very time-consuming, but we can help!  Our New Hire Toolkit includes necessary forms and templates, a handbook builder, safety worksheets and more. It is ready and available all in one place and will save hours of your time, keep you out of trouble and make your employee feel right at home.