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State-Specific HR Tools and Services

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State-Specific HR Tools and Services

COVID-19 Support | Compliance Database | Templates and Forms | Live Support | Mobile

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Do you have Human Resources questions and concerns? Have you spent hours upon hours searching for free HR tools and tips? Well, time is money! And you can save both time and money with our affordable, robust, online HR tools and live HR support. This is the perfect tool to help you grow:

A Healthier Profit Margin

Efficiency equals savings! Our state-of-the-art suite of services and live support will streamline all of your HR processes and save your valuable time.

A Stronger Workforce

Want to develop and maintain a winning team? We can help you with everything from new hire solutions, to job descriptions, employee handbooks and online training for your employees.

A Chance to Relax

Compliance is as important to us as it is to you. With our knowledge base and highly trained professionals, we can help you stay on track with government regulations.

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HR Services, Atlanta, GA

Define Your Key Success Factors

An Excellent Product
A Winning Strategy & Business Know How
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You take care of the product while we help with the workforce and know how!

Our HR Workplace is a cloud-based platform of integrated HR resources and training. It is supported by live HR experts to help you resolve issues in the moment that matters.

  • It’s mobile.
  • You can build job descriptions, employee handbooks, forms, and more.
  • Online training tools are available for management and employees.
  • Includes guidelines on the Affordable Care Act.
  • Live HR experts.
  • Includes webinars on the latest updates.
  • Includes COVID crisis management videos

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    Mandy, CPA

    I have used SmartPayroll Solutions for my own needs as well as the needs of my clients. I refer all business clients to SPS. Never disappoints!

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    Jeff, Manufacturer / Distributor

    As a startup, we hired Shruti and her team for our payroll needs. Honestly, it has been the best and most professional experience I’ve had in some time!

  • Sterlin Porter, CPA and Valued Payroll Client

    Sterling, CPA

    SmartPayroll Solutions, is top quality in every respect. I highly recommend her service.

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    Jeannie, Small Business Owner

    As a small business owner who wanted the convenience of a payroll company without all the cost while still having a great level of customer service – I have certainly found it at SmartPayroll Solutions!

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