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Online HR - Recruiting Toolkit

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Our recruiting toolkit will help you get everything done right, from job post to offer letter.

Why Do You Need a Recruiting Toolkit?

It’s simple. Many employers spend a great deal of time and money dealing with employees that should not have been hired.

By purchasing our Recruiting Toolkit, you can save hours during the recruiting process, recruit top talent that fits and avoid Negligent Hiring charges*.

An affordable monthly subscription to our Online HR services will give you access to the Recruiting Toolkit PLUS help you stay compliant with strict government regulations and meet federal recordkeeping requirements**.

Taking advantage of these affordable, online HR resources is the smart thing to do. Call (678) 775-6750 today or use this form to contact us and we will get you started on the right track with the right online HR services.

Recruiting Toolkit Features

The Recruiting Process

A successful hiring program recruits people who do the job required without producing problems and should contain the following elements:

  • Job Specification
  • Recruit Diversity
  • Selection
  • Application
  • Nondiscriminatory Interviews
  • Job-Related Interviews
  • Multiple Interviewers
  • Nondiscriminatory Hiring
  • Hire Diversity
  • Reference Checking

Our Recruiting Toolkit can help you with all the above. Use our sample templates, fillable forms, customizable Word documents, and policy language to help you create forms and policies for use in your own recruiting efforts. You can also review commentary in the Suggested Reading section for further guidance on recruiting.

Sample Documents

  • Employment Application (Common)
  • Employment Application (Professional)
  • Employment Application (Simple)
  • Interview Questionnaire Management
  • Interview Questionnaire Individual
  • Interview Questions to Avoid
  • Job Description (Modern)
  • Job Description (Traditional)
  • Job Posting Sample
  • Job Posting
  • Job Requisition (e-form)
  • Job Requisition (hardcopy)
  • Offer Letter Template
  • Reference Authorization
  • Reference Request

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