Online HR: New Hire Toolkit

Taking advantage of these affordable, online HR resources is the SMART thing to do.

And if you are hiring, our New Hire Toolkit is just the thing you need!

Online HR New Hire Toolkit for small business owners in Gwinnett County, Atlanta and the state of Georgia. Offered by SmartPayroll Solutions, Duluth, GA.

Why do I Need a New Hire Toolkit?

Federal and state regulations can be tricky and small business owners often struggle. Our New Hire Toolkit will help you prepare and process required paperwork, develop employee handbooks and more.

An affordable monthly subscription to our Online HR services will give small business owners in Georgia and nationwide access to the New Hire Toolkit PLUS help them stay compliant with strict government regulations and meet federal recordkeeping requirements**.

  • Efficient, Online Tools

    You’ll have all the forms, plus plenty of good advice at your fingertips.

  • Improve Employee Retention

    You’ve invested time and money into finding just the right employee for the job. Now, it’s worth the effort to properly train and retain them.

  • Insures Compliance

    You can relax knowing you are compliant with government regulations.

New Hire Toolkit Features

The New Hire Orientation Process

We suggest the  following steps that will help ensure smooth onboarding of all new employees:

  1. Develop a new hire “welcome packet” and/or employee handbook
  2. Schedule and conduct new hire orientation
  3. Prepare the required new hire documents and forms
  4. Create personal and confidential file folders
  5. Process new hire paperwork as needed and update human resource information system if applicable
  6. Provide payroll with a copy of the employee’s Form W-4, direct deposit information (if applicable), and other necessary information
  7. Provide new employee with “welcome package,” schedule first day lunch with manager or co-workers, and assign an onboarding “buddy” to help the new employee get acquainted with the company
Our New Hire Toolkit can help you with all the above. Use our sample templates, fillable forms, customizable Word documents, and policy language to help you create forms and policies for use in your own recruiting efforts. You can also review commentary in the Suggested Reading section for further guidance on recruiting.

Sample Documents

  • Acknowledgment of Information
  • Sexual Harassment Policy
  • Benefit Summary Sheet
  • Direct Deposit Authorization (Word)
  • Direct Deposit Authorization (PDF)
  • Employee Contact Information
  • Employee Handbook Acknowledgement
  • Employee Handbook is not included.
  • Employee Handbook Self-Audit
  • Equipment Allocation Sheet
  • Harassment Policy
  • Job Description Acknowledgement
  • Organization Chart
  • Payroll and Holiday Calendar
  • Safety and Health Policy
  • Safety Notification

Federal Materials

  • COBRA General Notice
  • Form I-9
  • Form W-4
  • Notice to Employees of Coverage Options

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