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2022 already promises to bring plenty of challenges for small and mid-sized businesses. But, we can help eliminate the very real struggle.

Small and medium-sized businesses continue to struggle with the new normal in the workplace. Administrative tasks such as tracking time and attendance, providing adequate training, and processing payroll accurately are just some of those struggles. Another struggle is compliance with mandates such as FMLA.

The right technology can eliminate worries regarding time and attendance, payroll, online training, and more. That’s the easy part. But without guidance from Human Resources professionals, the struggle with compliance gets more real every day.

That’s where our HR services come in. In addition to a state-specific compliance database, our team of experts is available to answer questions and help business owners navigate their way through the changes. Fortunately, they frequently and freely share those questions and answer with our clients.

Here’s a Frequently Asked Question Regarding FMLA


Now that we’ve become a “remote first” company with most of our employees working from home, we’ve started hiring remote employees in other parts of the country. We’re covered by FMLA because we have more than 50 employees—even at our headquarters alone. Will our remote employees be eligible for FMLA leave once they’ve worked the required amount of time?


Yes, these new remote employees will likely be entitled to take leave under the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), but not just yet. To be eligible for leave under the FMLA, an employee must have worked for your company for at least 12 months, have worked at least 1,250 hours during the 12-month period immediately before their leave, and work at a worksite with 50 or more employees within a 75-mile radius.

Unlike other situations, for purposes of FMLA, an employee’s home is not a worksite. Rather, their worksite is the office they report to or receive assignments from. So, if your remote employees report to or get their assignments from your headquarters, then they are considered to work at a worksite that has 50 or more employees. If you have multiple physical offices, you’ll need to evaluate which location would be considered each employee’s worksite, and then how many employees fall under that worksite.

Bottom line: an employee whose worksite has 50 or more employees will be eligible for FMLA leave once they’ve worked 1,250 hours and hit their one-year anniversary.

How to Get Connected to Our HR Platform

Our Premium Payroll package includes full access to our online HR platform, including a robust Learning Management System, and live HR support. The Essentials Package includes online access. You can also add our HR services à la carte. Either contact your account manager or get in touch here for more details.

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