Many states, including Florida, have legalized the use of medical marijuana, in certain forms and for certain illnesses. And Georgia allows the use of cannabis oil for certain illnesses. Regardless of personal beliefs, this trend could mean a change in workplace policy for many small business owners.

Marijuana legalization can have a direct impact on employers; especially those with zero-tolerance drug-free policies.  And all employers, including small business owners, can be placed in a difficult position of trying to enforce their policies while avoiding disability discrimination lawsuits.

Different states have different regulations concerning medical marijuana use and concerning the employer’s rights to enforce their workplace policies. This may cause even more difficulty for multi-state employers.

We recommend all small business owners in Florida and Georgia (or any state where use is legal) review their policies for compliance with their state laws. And if you are a subscriber to our online and live HR services, you can quickly and easily get state-specific answers on workplace policies pertaining to medical marijuana.