With so many compliance regulations these days, it has become increasingly important to capture employee hours accurately. Below are the most common ways to do so:

Paper/Manual Tracking – Usually requires manual sign/clock in and manual data entry for payroll and tracking PTO, which is prone to errors and not efficient.
Call In – Allows employees who work offsite to clock in without a smart phone, but lacks the ability to provide real time information.
Web Clock – Supports businesses with multiple locations and offsite employees well and usually integrates with payroll, reducing errors.
Mobile – Allows employees to clock in from any WIFI enabled device and with GPS added, can help strengthen employee trust and retention.
Geofencing – New in the market, clocks employees in and out based on their location, helping reduce employee errors and theft.

Want to find out what’s coming in our next post? This series, we will uncover the best ways for you to track hours for your employees without getting into trouble and improve your efficiency at the workplace.