Frequently Asked Questions About Our Payroll Software and Services

You've Got Questions About Outsourcing Payroll. We've Got The Answers!

Here is a list of employers’ top questions when outsourcing payroll to a third party. These questions and answers will help you find a company that fits your current needs and can grow with you in the future. And we’re confident you will find that at SmartPayroll Solutions – HCM.

We’re here to help.

How Can I Save Money On My Payroll Expense?

Great question! And it’s on every employer’s mind. We can help you spend less money on payroll and human capital management in the following ways:

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We are generally available to answer calls immediately. If not, we respond on the same day.

We utilize state-of-the-art security to ensure the highest-level of protection. 

We can handle direct deposit and debit cards, and you can self-print checks if you choose.

Different errors are handled in different ways. Our payroll account managers are available by phone to assist with any errors.

Yes. We can report and pay sales tax on your behalf. Payments are made from the clients bank account.

With our online payroll software, employers have easy and convenient access to payroll reports each pay period. And the Report Wizard and Quick Reports Tools provide numerous reports using historical data.

Reports can be downloaded in PDF, Excel, Word, CSV, or TXT formats for easy analysis and storage. SmartPayroll Solutions – HCM also allows custom reports.

We focus mainly on employers in Georgia. For more details, or to process payroll for employees in multiple states, talk to one of our account managers.

We provide training and assistance throughout the entire onboarding process. When it comes to new hires, our platform offers a fully integrated online recruiting, hiring, and onboarding system and we can assist with the entire recruitment and onboarding process.

​​This depends on whether or not you take advantage of our​ fully-integrated mobile ​Time and Attendance system, which streamlines the payroll process and reduces data entry errors. If you prefer manual data entry and paper timesheets, employee hours will need to be entered into the payroll systems manually. Depending on your selected service level, we can assist with your data entry and payroll processing.

Yes, we have an agreement that is legally binding. This is because invest our time in every single client by walking them through the entire onboarding process, providing training, and more.

We can handle payroll for any kind of business. Some of our clients are medical providers, manufacturers, retail outlets, restaurants, fitness centers, lawn care services, marketing services, and more. We also provide payroll services for CPAs and other B2Bs.

Yes, we can provide payroll for Sole Proprietors or employers with just one employee. We also handle payroll for contractors.

Once we have all the information we need, it can take as little as one week. 

Yes! Every client, no matter how big or small, gets a dedicated account manager.

Yes, we have several clients with employees in other states like KY, NY, TX, TN, NC, SC, and more. Our cloud-based payroll software makes it easy to manage a remote workforce, regardless of the state in which the employee resides.

Yes. We can add your contractors to the system so they can get paid through payroll OR you can provide us their YTD information at the end of the year. We submit that information to the SSA. 

Yes. Any company with 10 or more employees is required to verify their employee’s ability to work through E-Verify. We do that on your behalf.  

You can simply send it to us and we will follow up with the IRS to get it resolved.

No worries! We will set up the necessary tax accounts for you. 

Our Clients Also Ask:

Your dedicated account manager is there to help. We can get on a virtual meeting to walk you step by step. 

The check shows all earnings, however, the W2 shows taxable wages only, wages that have been reported after any pre-tax deductions. Also, the employee may have a pay type that is not taxable, i.e., a reimbursement.

Unlike the other FICA taxes, the 0.9 percent Medicare surtax is imposed on the employee portion only. There is no employer match for the Medicare surtax, also called the Additional Medicare Tax. You withhold this 0.9 percent tax from employee wages, and you do not pay an employer’s portion. 

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