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Employee retention and training go hand and hand. Find out why and let us help you develop an online training program that works.
Employee Retention and Training

Developing a good employee retention strategy is more critical now than ever with the current labor shortage. And one of the most essential parts of a good retention strategy is employee training. 

Why Is Employee Training So Important?

A good, solid job training program will help employees become more productive and feel more invested in your company. It will also help you connect and develop a lasting relationship with your employees.

Good employees will move on if they feel like they are in a dead-end job. They are more likely to be loyal to employers who invest in their personal development. 

Since adequately trained and engaged employees perform well, your products and services will improve, your clients will be happier, and your business will grow.

Developing an Effective Employee Training Program

Effective employee training requires thorough planning and preparation. Employers should establish training goals and strategies as the foundation of the training program. (An excellent quality-control program will help determine the training needed.)

  • Qualified instructors should always conduct training classes.
  • Qualifications should extend to their ability to train and their knowledge of the employer’s culture, policies, and industry.
  • Instructors should deliver training in a reasonable amount of time, and sessions should accommodate the employee’s concentration levels and attention span. Employees need reasonable training sessions with instruction that is easy to retain.
  • Instructors should employ effective teaching methods to maintain the audience’s attention and interest, such as:
    • Examples and stories.
    • Hands-on problem-solving techniques.
    • Visual aids.
  • Employers should follow through with an evaluation to determine the effectiveness and usefulness of training.
  • Employers should offer incentives to encourage employee training and celebrate each successful course completed with your employees.

Many employers use online or on-demand training programs or educational programs. These programs should always be approved by legal counsel or a professional HR representative to make sure the material is current and legally defensible, such as our expansive online library of HR-approved training material.

A collective approach to training may involve a combination of self-paced online instruction, live classroom instruction, or print material. 

Regardless of the format, employers should document employee attendance at the training sessions and the curriculum used. If an employee misses a session, management should allow make-up training sessions where possible.

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