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Cybersecurity – Protecting Your Business While Enhancing Agility

Is your small business struggling with cybersecurity? These tips will help protect your software, hardware, and that oh-so-important data.

Cybersecurity is more critical now than ever with the increased agility and mobility most small businesses are implementing. And small businesses on a tight budget are struggling to find affordable cybersecurity solutions. Here are some tips to help you protect your software, hardware, and that oh-so-important data.

Always Backup Your Data

A quick Google search will tell you that hackers target small businesses. Small businesses should utilize affordable tools such as Carbonite or IDrive to maintain a backup of their computers and servers. These simple tools make it possible to stay productive even in the face of security breaches or technical problems.

Deploy A Robust Antivirus System

Don’t scrimp in this area. I personally use the premium version of AVG. It works well without slowing down my laptop. (I also practice “safe computing” with strong passwords, a strong spam filter, and basic awareness.) There are many options out there that may suit your needs better, so I recommend you ask your IT person for a professional recommendation and allow them to install a system for you.

Protect Your Website

Hackers really need to get a life. But until they do, they will target small business websites with malware that can destroy your hard work quickly or with a slow and painful death. Malware can be injected through outdated software and can go unnoticed for a long time until it “grows” and starts to cause problems. At a minimum, always keep your software current, enforce strong passwords, and make sure you have an SSL certificate in place for your site. You may also ask your hosting service provider and/or web designer for affordable tools to protect your business’s most important digital asset.

Use Single-Source Providers For Cloud-Based Systems

Doing business in the cloud is a crucial part of developing an agile business model, and it can reduce administrative costs tremendously. But it also poses a cybersecurity threat when data is uploaded to several different platforms. Choose a single-source provider where possible to help maintain security and privacy. 

Cybersecurity on Your Mobile Device

Most consumers do not realize that their mobile devices are just as vulnerable, if not more so than their desktop or laptop computers when it comes to cybersecurity. When you select an antivirus system, make sure your mobile devices are covered. 

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