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Boost Employee Retention With Improved Employee Engagement

Better employee engagement can result in improved employee retention. Learn more!... Read More

Should We Cancel Our Annual Holiday Party Again This Year?

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How is Omicron Impacting the Workforce?

Data is coming in on the COVID variant, omicron, and its impact on today's already uneasy workforce. Here's what HR professionals are saying.... Read More

DOL Increases Fines for Federal Posting Violations in 2022

The maximum penalty for federal posting violations is now going up by more than $400. If you are subscribed to our Labor Law Compliance service, we've got you covered.... Read More

Streamline and Automate the New Hire Onboarding Process

Did you know you can fully manage the collection and storage of new hire information with our Employee Onboarding module? It's so easy. ... Read More

How to Hire Good Employees

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Talent Acquisition – Take Advantage of the Big Quit of 2021

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Business Agility: The Guide for Remote Training

Small business owners are losing sleep over business continuity and developing an agile business model. Our clients need not worry. We offer a suite of cloud-based tools, including remote training through our LMS, to help small businesses operate remotely.... Read More

Employee Retention and the Importance of Training

Employee retention and training go hand and hand. Find out why and let us help you develop an online training program that works.... Read More

Cybersecurity – Protecting Your Business While Enhancing Agility

Is your small business struggling with cybersecurity? These tips will help protect your software, hardware, and that oh-so-important data.... Read More