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Your clients get bookkeeping and payroll done accurately and on time, PLUS HR, benefits, and more. You get transparency, revenue sharing, and growth opportunities.

CPAs And Accountants

Payroll for CPAs

Offer The Essentials

Reach More Potential Clients

The trend toward offering a broader set of services is a win for accountants and their clients; however, some firms are reluctant. Payroll and bookkeeping are indeed time-consuming tasks that offer minimal profit. That’s why a growing network of CPAs now offers their clients SmartPayroll Solutions – HCM tools and services. As a result, we remove the burdens of bookkeeping and payroll processing, allowing them to pursue more profitable avenues.

The bottom line is every employer needs bookkeeping and payroll, and many CPAs include these essential services as a gateway to attract new clients. Don’t let them lure yours away.

Insurance Agents And Brokers

Add Value

Increase Client Loyalty

Adding SmartPayroll Solutions – HCM’s suite of human capital management tools and services can help you retain your valued clients. As our partner, you can offer your clients everything they need to take good care of their most valuable asset, employees. And when you join our network of benefits providers, we will also help our clients find you.

Our robust payroll system integrates seamlessly with benefits enrollment, improving efficiency and accuracy in the entire enrollment process.

Trusted Solutions. Proven Results.

Take Advantage Of This Opportunity

You can rely on our experts to handle payroll from start to finish, timekeeping, and more for your clients while you reap solid benefits.

  • Refer a business and earn a finding fee.
  • ​Co-brand with us and increase your bottom line.
  • Add your brand to our platform. You’ll get the praise while we do the heavy lifting.
  • Connect with other business owners, such as insurance brokers, bankers, financial planners, and more.
  • Sell your payroll business to us for maximum profit and we will take excellent care of your clients.

Even better, we will provide the tools you need to communicate your new service offerings to your existing client base.

Financial Advisors

HCM Partners for CPA, Agent, Finance, More

Lead appropriately

Achieve Maximum Return On Investment

SmartPayroll Solutions—HCM will work with you to provide scalable solutions designed to increase your clients’ efficiency and profitability.

There is no one-size-fits-all here. We treat every one of our clients as an individual. We will do that for your clients as well.

Experience It For Yourself

We are confident that our payroll and human capital management system can streamline processes and automate your business, but you need to see it for yourself. We’ll gladly demonstrate the power behind our technology and the knowledge of our highly-trained account managers.

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