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Small business owners are losing sleep over business continuity and developing an agile business model. Our clients need not worry. We offer a suite of cloud-based tools, including remote training through our LMS, to help small businesses operate remotely.
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Business agility is still a hot topic for small businesses with the lingering uncertainty about returning employees to work safely. Unfortunately, it seems that every time we think we’ve beaten COVID-19, a news report reminds us of a new surge in cases or concerns about vaccine efficacy. And small business owners are losing sleep over business continuity and developing an agile business model.

There are many aspects to improving business agility that go beyond an employee’s ability to work remotely. And recently, we’ve published helpful tips to cover many issues. You can read them here:

Remote Training Improves Business Agility

Now, we want to discuss the importance of having a system in place for remote training.

In the past, a remote training program would apply only to certain types of businesses. And it would consist of a few online courses, webinars, pdf files, and so forth. Now, most small businesses have had to learn how to communicate with and manage their employees in a remote work environment to continue doing business. It seems this is our new norm and therefore, it is time to up the game to include remote training. Employee retention, quality, and production depend on it. And your company will be one step closer to having the agile business model you may need to survive.

Developing a  Remote Training Program

Before you begin developing training videos, written content, tests, and forms, you will need to consider a Learning Management System or LMS. An LMS is a software application used to organize, manage, track, report, and deliver training online.

There are open-source tools such as Moodle, and there are SaaS (Software as a Service) tools available for a price. A third, and costly option is to hire a developer to build an in-house system.

The SaaS option offered by our HR professionals has proven to be the most beneficial for many small businesses for two very important reasons, PR and legal compliance. One slip of the tongue in a recorded training session can get your company blasted across social media by a disgruntled employee and even into litigation.

Catalog of Professional Courses Available in Our LMS

Our team knows HR. They live and breathe it every day. That means they know the type of training needed to mitigate risk, protecting the employees and the employers.

Our system has a growing list of compliance-related courses already prepared on topics like:

  • Sexual harassment and discrimination
  • Workplace safety
  • Driving
  • OSHA requirements
  • Hazard communications
  • Ethics
  • Diversity at work and more!
  • View the entire catalog here.

Adding Custom Content

Though our training catalog is quite comprehensive, most small businesses need training courses developed for their specific needs. Therefore, our LMS allows custom content to be uploaded in specific formats and tracked through our system.

Getting your material in the correct format can be as simple as converting a PowerPoint presentation into SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model).

These Five Simple Steps Will Get Your Remote Training Up and Running

  1. Our existing HR subscribers can log in to their accounts and access the “Learn” system.
  2. Review the “Learn User Guide for Company Admins.”
  3. Add or import your employees to the system.
  4. Develop a “Track” of existing courses and assign them to your employees.
  5. Monitor employee engagement.

It really is that simple, and our live HR professionals are available to guide you through the process if you aren’t sure which courses to choose.

While your employees are actively engaged in training, you can begin to develop and upload your custom courses.

How To Get Access to Our HR System and LMS

If you are not currently subscribed, simply reach out to us for a free consultation. If you are subscribed and need our help getting started, we are here for you. We will happily get you started on your journey toward improved business agility and a successful remote training program.

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