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We’re extremely pleased with the professionalism and customer service provided by SmartPayroll Solutions! Highly recommend! ~M. Dunn
SmartPayroll Solutions is top quality in every respect. I highly recommend their service. ~Sterling, CPA
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Our green, efficient, and trustworthy services make us the obvious choice.

SmartPayroll Solutions is a full-service payroll company located near Atlanta, Georgia. Unlike any other service, we use a Consultative – Boutique – Transparent (CBT) model.

As the most affordable and reliable Atlanta payroll service provider, we utilize cutting-edge software backed by over 25 years of experience. Our unique approach combined with this robust technology makes us the best choice for solutions that fit businesses of all sizes.

With our Human Resources and workforce management tools such as onboarding, background checks, timekeeping, and employee scheduling, we can also help you grow your business and manage an efficient, productive team.

Need money to grow? SmartPayroll Solutions, partnered with a team of expert consultants, can also help you find all available tax credits and incentives for your business. And that means more money in the bank.

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A level of service other payroll companies cannot offer.

Our Consultative, Boutique, Transparent (CBT) model provides a level of attention other payroll companies cannot. Our platform allows scalable payroll services, HR, benefits, timekeeping, and more, hand-selected just for you.